Top Tips to keep your identity safe


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1 Keep your personal information,credit cards, passwords and pin numbers in a safe place(preferably a lockable drawer or safe) and dont share these details with people or companies you dont know.


2 Never throw away bills,receipts ,credit or debit card slips ,bank statements or even unwanted post without destroying them first ,ideally with a cross cut shredder.


3 Always protect your post, especially if you live in a building where other people can easily access it.When you move house ,redirect your mail from your old address to your new one for a least a year


4 Check all your statements and financial records as soon as they arrive and report any discrepancies straight away.


5 Regularly obtain a copy of your credit report

Be wary of publishing any identifying information about yourself online. In particular things like:phone numbers,pictures of your home ,workplace or school,your address ,birthday or full name.


6 Make sure your computer is protected from the threat of online attacks

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Tips for working in a office


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1 Avoid awkward neck movements and leaning forward towards the monitor


2 Select correct monitor height.Always use a monitor or laptop riser


3 Maintain correct body posture by keeping your ears,shoulders and hips in a straight line.


4 Select the correct work surface height Tip:If you cant select the work surface height then change the chair height


5 Position documents vertically at the same height as the screen.This can be achieved easily with a copyholder


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How to protect eyes and back



1 Position monitor so eyes are level with the top of monitor frame.

Adjust the height of your monitor by using a monitor riser.


2 Avoid leaning forward towards the monitor.


3 Viewing distance should be 45- 91cm away from the screen.


4 Reduce screen glare,brightness and minimise light reflection by using a screen protector


5 Avoid sitting in the same position for long periods of time.


6 Utilise a well positioned lumbar/ back support.


7 Maintain correct body posture by keeping thighs parallel to the floor




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Our Impulse a4 80gram is made from responsible sources. It has been awarded the Eu Ecolabel which means that it has been made with low air and water pollution, low energy use and harmful substances are restricted.

The paper is produced in Brazil where the trees we harvest for paper –making are planted and grown on former agricultural or barren lands. In addition to this, they add 250 hectares of new forest, planting 50,000 seedlings of more than 100 indigenous species which will never be harvested.

These plantations absorb 10 times more carbon dioxide than is generated in producing and transporting the paper


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Ways reducing office clutter increase productivity, efficiency and profitability

  • Set aside time weekly to manage and organize information. Adhere to that commitment like an appointment and you will stay ahead of the game.
  • Always organize your desk at the end of the day, so at least 80 percent of the desktop is visible. This will make going to work each morning a joy because desk stress and mental overload will decrease while your productivity increases.
  • Eliminate anything on top of your desk that is not used often. Put everything else into drawers, cubicles or containers that are easily accessible. Your efficiency will double and your fatigue will decrease.
  • Limit yourself to only one personal photograph, placing it in the southwest section of your work area to energize relationships. This will increase focus on the work at hand not others.
  • If you need to access files at a moment’s notice or need a reminder to follow up on specific projects regularly, use a vertical desktop file sorter instead of stacks, and color-code them. Use green folders for new clients, red folders for established clients that provide you good business and good fortune, and yellow folders for less important but still necessary information. You or colleagues can quickly find client information, which improves client relations and results.
  • Handle information only once whether on paper or in your e-mail inbox. Make a decision as to whether it takes action or can be tossed or deleted. You will become more efficient and lower your stress levels.